If you wish, it will be our pleasure to share with you our knowledge of our neighbourhood and Brussels. We are not short on advice and tips that are exchanged between friends so you’ll be able to experience the city like a native (like us, a mix of many things as most of Brussels inhabitants). We will also provide you with documentation of current events in the city.

In the seating area, there is a 40″ flatscreen tv with a dvd player. Please note that you won’t have access to any tv channel. But we have an extensive dvd library with movies of all kinds, including some classic Belgianmovies and of course “Day for Night” (“La Nuit Américaine”) from Francois Truffaut.

Kids are also welcome to La Nuit Américaine. The mezzanine bed is a kid’s paradise and a large collection of Belgian comic books are waiting for them (in several languages, including brussel’s slang!).

For everything we haven’t thought of yet, but that you might really wish, just come a few floors down and ask us, we will try to help with pleasure!